Phyto Panacea (Plant-Based Medicine)

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The E-Book of Life

Longevity & Anti-Aging E-Book

This E-Book of Life contains advanced, scientifically supported information regarding how to put the kibosh on aging and how to slow down your biological clock.

It is very well possible that the first person to live to 200+ years old has already been born. We now know that the rate of aging is determined primarily by an intricate intertwining between lifestyle and environmental factors far more than genes. In fact, studies performed on twins have estimated that only 20-30% of an individuals lifespan is related to genetics. In other words, nutrition and lifestyle are the most important determinants of longevity. A well-planned, plant-based diet that revolves around optimal nutrition and calorie restriction is especially important. However, some of the latest longevity breakthroughs may allow humans to live longer than even the healthiest, flawless diet could offer.

  • Plants "talk" to our cells? (pg. 2)
  • Genes that activate longevity and how to turn them on (pg. 3)
  • Growing new mitochondria; the powerhouse of the cell (pg. 4, 5)
  • Discover what a soccer ball and longevity have in common (pg. 5)
  • No food? No problem (pg. 6-8)
  • Your "biological clock" and how to slow it down (pg. 8-11)
  • Pollution is killing you but a nutrient you can grow on your tabletop can rapidly detox pollutants (pg. 13-14)
  • Arguably the most important compound related to health and longevity (pg. 14)
  • The anti-aging hormone and how to stimulate its production in your body (pg. 15-16)
  • Common gym service that makes you live longer (pg. 17)
  • Increasing stem cell concentrations in the body by 800% (pg. 17)
  • Lifestyle practices strongly linked to longevity (pg. 18-19)